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Our Strategy

MERCOOL is a high technology lubricant manufacturer specialized in innovative metalworking fluids, cleaners and rust preventives with a long tradition. Our roots are originated in Suhl, Germany, in 1870.

Globally, all sales is done through a network of selected and highly qualified distributors specialized on the metalworking industry in their territory. Thus our distributors use MERCOOL as the brand on the global market. A wide range of brands in the distributor's product portfolio allows end-users an attractive product selection.

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Our Portfolio

Water-miscible Metalworking Fluids

Mercool W series

Water-miscible selection of metalworking coolants, based on a wide range of technologies to meet the modern day demands. Ranging from synthetic, semi-synthetic and soluble oils. MERCOOL offers a complete metal removal fluid line.

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Straight Metalworking Oils

MERCOOL N series

Specializing in precision parts manufacturing, MERCOOL offers a wide range of high performance oils for grinding & honing applications. Precision surface finishing is a niche area, in which MERCOOL is one of the technology leaders on the global market.

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Industrial Cleaners

MERCOOL C series

The cleaner series of products, can be supplied with formulations based on aqueous solutions or solvents for residues with higher organic contents. MERCOOL supplies a wide range of water based and solvent based cleaners, for multiple industries.

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Rust Preventives


Rust preventive series, ranging from solvent to mineral oil based products, with excellent dewatering properties. Products range from thin dry films to thick waxy films, offering temporary rust protection.

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Industrial Lubricants

Industrial lubricants like spindle oils, gear oils, slideway oils (way lubes) and hydraulic oils are available upon request.

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MERCOOL's strategy is simple and pragmatic

Sales only via distribution network