MERCOOL Product Portfolio

MERCOOL C series

Industrial Cleaners

The cleaner series of products, can be supplied with formulations based on aqueous solutions or solvents for residues with higher organic contents. MERCOOL supplies a wide range of water based and solvent based cleaners, for multiple industries.

MERCOOL WS 5796 CWater miscible, salt-free, high-pressure-spray neutral cleaner, which is ideal for cleaning steel and cast iron, as well as yellow metals and many aluminum alloys.
MERCOOL NH 7762 CWater-insoluble hydrocarbon solvent based cleaner. The cleaner is recommended for parts made of alloyed steel, plain carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum and yellow metals. The product can also be used in glass cutting operations.
MERCOOL NH 7795 CWater-insoluble cleaner based on paraffinic hydrocarbon solvents. The cleaner enables easy removal of dirt, oil, fat and resins.